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CSB Holy Land Bible Review & Giveaway

GIVEAWAY & REVIEW: If I could ask for something more in my time in God’s Word, it would be context. What was the world like around David? What did his slingshot look like? What was it like to be a shepherd? What would the wall look like when Nehemiah was rebuilding it? This Bible helps bring Scripture to life and provides depth to what I’m reading. I’m reviewing The CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible from LifeWay and giving you a chance to win one as well.

2 Hearts Film Review

Young love. New love. There’s something that captivates us about the romantic pursuits and yes, awkwardness of meeting that someone special. It’s why Hallmark Channel repeats the same plot over and over with different characters. We love to fall in love.

Before the Wrath Film Review & Giveaway

New Years Eve we were all celebrating the promise of the year ahead as we ushered in 2020. By mid January, we were wanting 2019 back. Truth is, all we’ve gone through the past nine months has probably had us all thinking a bit more about Bible prophecy and what today’s events might mean.

A Father’s Love

It was a sad day in God’s new creation. The day of the fall. But, this act of love from God showed His heart for fallen man — for you and me.

The Best Year Ever

Time is a resource. It’s valuable. So, doing something worthwhile is the goal. Afterall, saying “yes” to something means saying “no” to something else. Here’s a 25 minute daily decision that will change your 2020…

He Reads Truth Bible Review (& Giveaway)

Guys love tools for Father’s Day and giving the gift of a Bible is one that is indispensable and will change their life. This whole blog was started to share just how startling it was to discover how getting into God’s Word was…