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If you are new to the CSB version (Christian Standard Bible) like I was, take a look at this video to hear more about it.

REVIEW (& Giveaway): CSB He Reads Truth Bible

One of the points of this blog is to get the word out on how amazing getting into God’s Word truly is. Reading the Bible has given me such a huge insight into who God is…His character, His heart, His wrath and intolerance for sin. So, when there was an opportunity to review the CSB He Reads Truth (let’s call it HRT) Bible from publisher LifeWay, I was all in! And, I’m giving you a chance to win one—keep reading.

The features are what really make this Bible unique.

Stylish and Durable

We protect the things we value, right? First of all, this Bible is encased in a number of colors and finishes like cloth and leather. The one I got is the evergreen cloth overboard (they call it that) that has a hardboard sleeve. It will look perfect up on your shelf…NOT!! That’s because you’re going to read it. This is one Bible that I think you’ll use and won’t be gathering dust. The sturdiness of the binding will make this one that might be handed down to your kids. At least for your use, it will be durable and can take being brought repeatedly to the local coffeehouse. Do it!


Just like ensuring I have popcorn with a good movie, I love to get a cup of coffee when I sit to read the Bible. It’s OK to make the time enjoyable and one you look forward to each day. The HRT Bible has done just that with pops of color, history, insight and artistic graphics of key Verses opening each book of the Bible.

Great Introductions

Each book also has a page that introduces us to the background of the author and culture at the time the book was written (while there is one Author of the Bible, there are 66 books from various authors inspired by God, 2 Timothy 3:16). That helps give context to the stories you’re about to immerse into. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to know more about the time period and how and why they responded to different things—it just helps set everything up more completely. Full color graphics at times interject even deeper insights. Maps throughout help you keep score of where the story is taking place. I’ve always had in my mind where I thought different battles or journeys took place. Now, I can see it.

It’s Like a Mini Tour of Israel

You know those fortunate friends we have who go to Israel to do a tour and come back with a plethora of stories and impacting Biblical scenes they got to see firsthand? You wonder why they didn’t invite you and help you raise funds? There’s jealousy, anger and…OK, I’m digressing here a bit. Bottomline, in a small way, the HRT Bible encapsulates a bit of that experience. You get insights into what the scene was like that the time. Illustrations, outlines, summaries, unexpected charts all come together to make this an enjoyable, illuminated journey that you are going to love.

Home Improvement

This last feature—and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentional—is one guys will really dig…the pages have the smell of freshly mudded sheetrock. Not kidding. Yeah, it’s a guy’s book for sure. And, ultimately, reading the Bible can’t help but lend itself to home improvement.

Other great features:

  • 17 full-color timelines
  • 21 maps
  • 122 charts (including infographics and lists), and 4 illustrations
  • reading plans for every book of the Bible
  • one-year Bible reading plan
  • detailed book introductions
  • key verse list
  • smyth-sewn binding
  • two colored ribbon markers
  • wide margins for journaling and note taking
  • And as mentioned above, 66 artistic typography inspiringly calls out the key Verses.

Father’s Day is this Sunday. I’m giving one away below, but it won’t get to you in time for it. So, I highly recommend you stop into a LifeWay or order TODAY online to ensure you get it in time. In fact, I’m not sure how long this sale will be in place, but I saw they had this Bible on sale from the normal $39.99 to $49.99 retail to as low as $23.99. By the way, I get no kickbacks except the one Bible to review which is just fine with me!

Enjoy and if you get one or gift one, I’d love to hear what you thought of it. Be sure to also join me on Facebook and Instagram (links below).

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